Mr. Aki Hanhela

aki hanhela.jpg

Oamk - Construction Management team
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland
+358 44 2614644

Mr Aki Hanhela is a third year Civil engineer student at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and he is part of Construction management team in Äljäke- Construction 3D printing project.

Mr Hanhela has worked as a constructor for about 6 years before he started his Civil engineer studies. At summer of 2016 he was working as a Site Supervisor Trainee and from summer of 2017 onwards he started working in YIT – Construction and Building company. At first summer in YIT he was working in office doing different kind of works concerning about construction industry, example develop work safety. At summer of 2018 he will be working as a Site Supervisor.

He was born in Pudasjärvi, northern Finland on 9th October 1989. On freetime he likes to play various sport activities and he is a professional player at Finnish baseball.